Getting started with Definery (Adbrix)

Is this your first time using Definery (Adbrix)? Check out where to start.

Account (Account and App Management)

We will guide you through how to register and manage accounts, users, and apps, which are the basics of using Adbrix.

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Analytics (data analysis and report settings)

We'll guide you through the data explorer to start your analysis and how to create your own dashboard.

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Attribution (How to set up advertising performance measurement)

We will guide you through how to issue a tracking link and set up attribution to measure app advertising performance.

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Setting up major advertising partners

We will guide you through how to set up campaigns for major advertising partners.

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Fraud Kill-Chain (Fraud Traffic Defense Function)

This explains the Fraud Kill-Chain function, a high-end fraud defense solution provided by Adbrix Remaster.

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Audience Studio (data segment classification and extraction)

The created audience can be used for adid/idfa downloads, cohort analysis, targeted push sending, and targeted advertising.

Growth Action - Basic user guide

The Growth Action service is an automated push and in-app messaging campaign tool that targets specific groups. We will guide you through the basic information required to use the service.

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Growth Action - Push User Guide

We will provide you with information necessary to use the Growth Action push service.

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Growth Action - Pop-up message usage guide

We will provide you with information necessary to use the Growth Action pop-up message service.

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Data House

You can configure data lakes and data marts. Through this, you can integrate the company's fragmented data and simplify the data so that the company's stakeholders can use it right away.

update notes

You can check out Definery’s major updates.